The unique language lab that ensures fluency in Spoken
English with the ease as that of your Mother Tongues.



Talk English Like your Mother Tongue
Listening Speaking Reading Writing

About Talk Right

Talk Right, The Language lab with a breakthrough approach to Spoken English.
Ensures utilization of 100% of your time, kills hesitation, allows ample apportunity to listen repeatedly, read and understand, practice speaking till the language is on the tip of your tongue. Absolutely individualized. The only language-lab customized to your mother tongue.

Starts with Basic and through Intermediate moves on to Advance Level. Suitable for all age groups.

Why "TALK RIGHT" The "Language Lab"?

The agreed basic principles of mastering the art of fluently delivering in any language are Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. This is the established order & is followed unconsciously when we learn our mother tongue.

A deviation to this has an undesirable effect which is seen in conventional classrooms, where one starts with Writing, Learning Spellings & Grammar, Reading Paragraphs and then trying to Speak. The result is a laboured delivery of the language, due to lack of enough auditory exposure which is limited to that of the instructor only, whose exposure to the language might have also been in the similar manner.


An endeavour to develop simplified and effective learning programs for generations to come