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If you want the students of your school to learn the English language in an interactive way, English language lab software is what you should go for. It adds value to the listening and speaking abilities; they become better listeners and speakers with appreciable skills. A digital platform with interaction facilities improves language grammar, and learning is more interesting. Unlike in a traditional classroom setting in an English Language lab, every participant can talk and practice simultaneously; the class size is not an issue. Language Labs are more engaging. Utilizing 90% of the classroom time in productive activities like listening, speaking, reading & writing. It permits and promotes uninterrupted practice, the greatest contributor to the development of fluent spoken abilities.

Factors to be consider before setting up a language lab for school 

First, you need to research all available lab software. Make sure the software is compatible with your operating system and hardware. Then, go through the contents of the lab system. You can request a demo to see if it meets your needs. It is important to ensure that the software is user-friendly and modern. It should be simple for learners to access the content and practice tools. All features should be available to enhance the teaching experience. Below are some of the features:

a) Digital platforms should interact with a two-way communication model that encourages speaking skills and group discussion.
b) To improve the pronunciation skills of students, it should include text-to-speech capabilities.
c) For efficient learning, the course structure should be open to all students. It should include self-learning assignments.
d) Learning should not be hindered by space. Students should be able to access course material from any location.
e) The teacher should have the ability to track the progress of students.

Why is Talk Right the best English Language Lab for School

Talk Right is the best Language Lab Software that offers bilingual language training. You can access the content in English, subtitled in Hindi. Hindi is a language spoken by the majority of the Indian population. The subtitles promote a better understanding of the content. It helps you to understand the concepts and the conversation with ease. Talk Right The Spoken Language laboratory Software is the outcome of extensive research on the needs of the students. It can be used in school computer labs as a classroom-based solution. It is a complement to teachers to improve the productivity of their classrooms.

The Talk Right language lab provides the smart approach of LSWR (Listening, speaking, reading, writing), which is the best method to learn languages. Advanced audio and animated video content help students develop their listening, reading, and writing skills. In addition, students are provided with smart LSWR technology to help them learn the English language. It encourages two-way communication through improved participation in class discussions and role play.

Talk Right also offers specialized content developed to prepare learners for all types of situations they may face. The content is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. In addition, it provides English learning and content to improve life skills like personality development, resume writing, interview skills, etc., to help students prepare for their professional lives.

Talk Right - India's best digital language lab software 

The digital platform facilitates smooth communication between students and teachers. The teacher can assign topics for the day individually for every student. In addition, Talk Right laboratory software is user-friendly. It has features like the record & listen to, role play, pronunciation checker, and picture vocabulary, enhancing learning possibilities. Students also have the facility to record their voices and share them with their instructors. It is a great way to check the level of development.

Learning by yourself and teaching students how to remember and learn the lessons quickly.

Talk Right also has a scientifically-designed four-way language learning and correction system.

a) See the animated video and listen to the conversation.
b) Read the content in English. If not clearly understood, read the same text in Hindi.
c)Role-play the characters in the video and practice the conversation.
d) Record your conversation, and listen to it. Check with the accent with the original voice. Need be repeat the process to overcome any mother tongue effect. The pronunciation checker further helps in adapting to the correct diction of English.

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) supported the establishment of digital language labs in educational institutions. Students can attend the language labs as they serve as language tutorials. Language labs in English benefit students who lack confidence in speaking English. The Talk Right Language Lab Software is easy to use, both for the teachers & the students. The multimedia-based platform makes the classroom interactive and draws students' attention. It is India's most comprehensive language lab software. It covers almost all aspects of teaching and learning.

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