English Language Lab Improve Your LSRW Skills


How Can English Language Lab Improve Your LSRW Skills

LSRW  or Listen, speak, read & write are the 4 fundamentals of learning a language.

English language lab software allows students to learn LSRW skills. Listening, Speaking, and Reading are all essential skills. These skills are crucial for learning a language and understanding. The digital language lab software encourages English Listening, speaking, reading & writing. Trains in communicative grammar through animated content with interesting examples promote perfect pronunciation in correct diction through a pronunciation checker, and the option to practice till one is confident and thus brings out from within the student an ideal & fluent speaker. Who speaks with a great deal of conviction.

Listening Skills 

Listening until you understand something is the first step in learning and knowledge. Then, listen and decide how to grab it. The teacher's goal in a class is to educate students on a topic and help them understand it. Through the use of an interactive environment, the digital language lab improves listening skills.

Speaking Skills

Speaking a second language ia a skill. The ability to communicate clearly and fluently with confidence is a key skill. Listening to a language frequently can help us understand, mimic, and learn from it. The English language lab helps improve communication skills and speaking skills. Students listen to the language repeatedly over headphones. It allows them to imitate the style and which boosts their confidence.

Reading Skills

The training process of learning to speak in English at a language Lab is so planned that a student not only has to listen to the audio, but since the conversation also appears on the screen in text, they have to read it too. The process also requires the student to read aloud with correct pronunciation and diction. The activity further adds to the student's speaking ability and enhances reading skills. This software is extremely helpful to students in improving their comprehension, reading vocabulary, and grammar section.

Writing Skills

When it is about writing, we start by learning to identify a letter, pronounce it and the write it. The next step is to form words, understand their meaning and learn to create meaningful sentences. Writing is a key part of communication. The content and the process of teaching English to the students with a language lab software is so planned that the students are made to write the content in the lessons of the modules. The activities further also require them to create their content and write. This creative activity helps improve writing skills, naturally improving students' communication skills.

Talk Right Language Lab & LSRW

Talk Right Language Lab software meets all the requirements of an ideal or the best English Language Software for schools. In addition, the content of the spoken English program is planned to meet the needs of speakers of different abilities. It starts with the Beginner level, moves on to the Intermediate level and progresses to the Advance Level. Focuses on developing the LSRW skills and is compatible with CEFR standards from level A 1 to C 1.

Every student registering at a Talk Right Language lab in a School gets access to a free mobile App with full content.

Download the trial version of the Mobile App for free to get a firsthand experience.

For further information, about Talk Right Language Lab Software for School, please raise an inquiry. We shall contact you.

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