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Prerequisites of An English Language Lab Software

English Language Lab software is a program designed to be installed in schools to promote better oral communication skills in English. It will run on the computers of the Lab. The content can be accessed through the systems in the Lab.

The modern-day Language Lab Software can be installed in schools through LAN or N computing systems.

With globalisation happening, the world has become small. People from around the globe keep moving for education, jobs & business etc. The English Language has become the default option for communication because it is understood and spoken worldwide.

It is established that languages are best learned at ages 10 to 18. It is now a fact that most schools are setting up English Language labs and ensuring that their students stay caught up to those of other schools. It is more so because of parental pressure who expect their children to speak English fluently.
The English Language is not the primary language of Indians, and it's a language that should be taught. It's taught only in a handful of English medium schools throughout the country, which is why a significant part of the population did not have the chance to study English. Not all available software's are of great use to the schools. There are certain specific prerequisites of English Language Lab software when we refer to it being the best suitable for installation in any school.

What Should A Language Lab Offer?

The demand for Digital language labs has increased, particularly in non-English medium schools.  

Their need is for English language software with bilingual content. It makes understanding and, thus, learning the language easy. Since getting Spoken English faculty is a huge challenge, the content should be easy to understand and promote self-learning. There are a few such options available in the Language Lab segment.

Talk Right is the best English Language lab for Schools. It meets all the requirements of the school and the students and is user-friendly. The content has a day-wise teaching/learning plan which is conversational in animated videos. The students get to role-play. The pronunciation checker option allows the students to double-check their pronunciation. The focus of the content is to develop fluent spoken abilities without going into the definitive English Grammar.

The ability to communicate in English is appealing to your resume and helps improve your hiring prospects. A recent study conducted by LinkedIn revealed that HR Directors and CEOs prefer English natives over employees from other languages.

If you would want to install English Language Lab Software in your school kindly fill out the inquiry form.

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