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What English Language Lab Can Teach You?

What English language lab can teach you? It can teach you spoken English language skills. The Talk Right English language lab software has a lot of content to help you learn English language skills. Students learn LSRW skills, i.e. Listening Writing, speaking, Reading, and writing are all skills we help students master. Talk Right Language Lab promotes Spoken English through videos of animated characters making conversation in simple language.

Features of Talk Right Digital Language Lab

Talk Right is the most advanced Digital language lab that meets the requirements of the schools & student. Gown below is the list of the features:


Picture Vocabulary

This picture vocabulary allows the students not only to understand a word's meaning and visualize it. The option to role-play gets the students into an actual conversation by replacing the characters by themselves.

Pronunciation & Voice Modulation

Audio in the pronunciation section with recording facilities guides the students in developing the correct diction for every word they use and familiarizing them with various situations through stories; they also learn the perfect voice modulation. It is easy to use and understand.

Bilingual Script

The most significant advantage that Talk Right brings to the students is the bilingual script. While the conversation is in English, it is scripted on the screen. The subtitles in Hindi make understanding easy for students with poor knowledge of conversational grammar.

Different Modules

The content of our English lab is available as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. One can view and assign courses, exams and results in the teacher panel. One can log into the student panel, practice, and study for exams.

There are many modules to help you learn English language skills. These include vocabulary, spelling, tenses and more. There is an exclusive Grammar section, and this is the surprise element. It is again in the form of animated videos, exciting & easy to remember and apply.

The use of idioms & phrases adds value to the quality of the conversation.

The rules of Learning

Every lesson or activity follows three basic rules.

First, listen to the conversation.

Read the conversation content in English while listening. Use the Hindi text if you find understanding the conversation difficult.

Third, role-play and speak.

The process improves your spoken proficiency.

We offer soft skills. The advanced level has videos of the mock interview that will help you prepare and excel in your job search.

Overcome Fear of Speaking

Using headphones removes fear or hesitation in speaking the English language. The Digital Software conversation is in a neutral accent. It ensures that everyone understands and can practice with ease.

Mobile App

Students can access the content on their Mobile App and even practice at home. It is an added advantage; the people at home can also sharpen their spoken English skills. Anytime, anywhere.

Monitoring By Teachers

Using the Right Talk language lab software, teachers can monitor the students' gradual improvement in communication skills and confidence. It aids in the overall development and growth of students. It contains all the study material needed to learn English language skills.

Classroom Activities

The interactive videos, group discussions, story telling and assignments are based on real-world scenarios. The journey through the Talk Right Spoken English class helps students become confident and fluent speakers.

For setting up the most advanced, user friendly & budget friendly English Language Lab in your school please contact us. We shall help in completing the process.

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