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When a person decides to learn a language, it certainly is to be able to converse in that particular language as and when the need may arise. Since English has been accepted as a Global language, people of all age groups ranging from a student to a teacher, from a commoner to someone important, everyone wants to expertise in spoken English.   

It is a fact that in non-English speaking countries the language used for communication, in general, is the native language of the place. This is applicable both in the homes and the surrounding. Moreover, it is also a fact that a language is best learnt by listening and repeating. Since English in such places is not the common language of communication at homes or in the community, the child is expected to learn to speak in English from the school. So it naturally becomes the responsibility of the teachers to train the kids in spoken English. The schools labor hard to give a surrounding where English is the major language of communication. This creates a conducive atmosphere where Spoken English can be learnt naturally by constantly listening and repeating.

Since it has been established beyond any doubt that a language is best learnt when one is exposed to an atmosphere where everyone speaks in that particular language. To achieve this, the schools usually give instructions that everybody without exception has speak in English in the school. Despite such measures being adapted, there are several hurdles in actually making the students follow the rules. This happens because, while the students to converse in English with their teachers, the regional language takes over when it comes to communication among the students. The quantum of words spoken is far higher and includes several emotions and feelings, experiences and views when it is between the students and friends as compared to that between a student and a teacher which is limited to only education. The conversation between peers is usually long and they are very comfortable speaking in the regional language which more often than not is also their mother tongue. The reluctance to communicate in a language other than the regional language with a close friend or with peers, especially when the students know that this act of theirs would go un-noticed, is one big stumbling block in learning spoken English. 

Students would start to practice speaking in English only if they start to feel that they can express themselves in the language without being ridiculed or laughed upon. This, of course, will require an environment that uses English as the major spoken language and also that the student is comfortable doing so. Such environments can be created in the classrooms through various activities that ensure endless opportunity to listen and repeat in English. Measures must be taken to kill the inhibition that the students might be having in speaking in English. 

These would require an interactive session in the classroom that gives equal opportunity to participate in the speaking sessions. Students can be encouraged to prepare and speak on previously decided topics, within fixed time slots. Preferably the topic should have been spoken upon by the teacher. This promotes thinking among the students while preparing for their presentation. The ambiance needs to be a lot more encouraging and helping. These, when adapted with care, will add largely to the confidence of the students and they would start to converse in English even with their peers too. This will prove to be the turning point in the process of learning to express in English, with confidence. Once this happens it will certainly accelerate the Spoken English learning process.

A language lab could be handy in addressing the student’s requirements in the process of enhancing their ability to learn English. Since there isn’t an established format for training to speak in English, a language lab created by experts with all features to promote Spoken English like listening, understanding and speaking along with facilities that can enhance vocabulary, improve pronunciation give an understanding of communication in varied situations should be a welcome decision.

Talk Right the Language lab and the Mobile app does meet all the requisites that can help a student to achieve the objective of speaking fluently in English.

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