Who can take the training of Talk Right?

The ‘Talk Right Modules’ are designed to develop fluency in communicative English. Anybody over the age of 10 years with a basic understanding of English can take up the training and learn to speak fluently in English.
Success in conventional Spoken English classes is faculty dependent on the instructions, and the teaching ability of every Faculty will always be different. In contrast, Talk Right has cut out instructions with tested content developed by experts. It encourages self-learning, recording and self-correction and follows the proven track of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Which may not be followed in the required sequence every time in a conventional classroom. 90% of the time at Talk Right Spoken English Class is invested in listening and speaking, while the teacher consumes half the time in a conventional class. Talk Right has subtitles in Hindi, making understanding and learning easy. It uses a mother-tongue learning method and is not grammar-dependent, but conventional classes have this limitation. You could lag by missing a schedule of a conventional class, but in Talk Right, the users can select the chapters per their schedule's requirement; thus, continuity is maintained.
The program of Talk Right is a unique combination of technology coupled with training and content. Talk Right follows the Mother Tongue technique of mastering a language by listening to others speak and imitating them. In Talk Right, we do not teach definitive grammar, rather we train students to do sentence practice, with the correct use of grammar without defining the same. This is the most effective and proven method to learn speaking in any language.
We strongly believe that however advanced technology may be, they can never substitute a teacher. The program Talk Right is a software-based program in which the entire training is done through the software, but the results can become effective only if the program is monitored and facilitated by a teacher who guides and corrects the students as and when the need may arise. We have deliberately not given an auto-correction facility in the software because corrections can be implemented only if they are done by the teacher physically.
In conventional spoken English classes, the maximum time is consumed by the faculty speaking and the students listening. Thus, most of the students do not get ample opportunity to speak. Moreover, there is generalized training in which individual issues are neither addressed nor /corrected. In the Talk Right program, training is customized for every student, as they are interacting individually with the software. This ensures that 100% of the class time is utilized for listening and speaking.
The program of Talk Right is compiled in a way that anybody above ten years of age with a basic understanding of the English language can take up the training and develop fluency in English. There is no upper age limit.
Yes, we do teach grammar at Talk Right. Since no language can be mastered correctly without the knowledge of grammar, we have a dedicated section of grammar in the Talk Right Software. The entire grammar is in the form of interesting animated videos. We do not confuse the students with the definitions of grammar while speaking. Yes, correct grammar is subconsciously learned by the students while they train to use correct forms of grammar in varied situations.
Yes, once a student completes the training as per the defined process, the command developed on communicative English will be a permanent asset. Like any other skill and fluency in a language will require continuous and correct practice.
NO, the lab can be set up through LAN or N-computing, but every student will require a separate system with headphone and mike. This is mandatory to achieve the effective learning. In absence of individual systems this will become more like any conventional classroom because it will deprive the students of selecting the lessons of their choice and will also not allow the freedom to speak without hesitation.
Yes, we do have Advance Level in Talk Right. This segment is exclusive for those like you who can speak basic English and now wish to learn professional communication. This module contains practice sessions of advanced professional topics and is very helpful in developing professional communication. It will also guide you to face Professional Interviews and help to prepare Job Oriented Resumes.