Learning Spoken English With A Decent Vocabulary

One of the greatest challenges for an English Language Teacher responsible for imparting the training to the students for improving their Spoken English acumen is the minimum vocabulary. The first-timers do not have the even basic level of vocabulary to be able to understand or express in the Langua …


Teaching Spoken English by Talk Right-English Language Lab

When a person decides to learn a language, it certainly is to be able to converse in that particular language as and when the need may arise. Since English has been accepted as a Global language, people of all age groups ranging from a student to a teacher, from a commoner to someone important, ever …


What has Talk Right the Language Lab to offers for the end user?

Talk Right the Language Lab is software for language learning that can be installed in any existing computer Lab of a School, college, or a Private Computer Institute. The Talk Right the spoken English software is an audio-video, interactive software that offers learning material suitable to the ind …


Language Lab History And Advantages

There are several names that refer to a Language Lab viz; digital language lab, multimedia language lab, language media center, multimedia learning center, etc.Language labs are audio and audio-visual systems that promote learning a new language through listening and speaking. Old-school language la …