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Learning To Speak In English Language Is Important

Learning to speak English is important. The majority population of the world accepts this statement. It is because, over the last 50 years, it has acquired the position of a language for global communication. If you know English, you can probably manage in any part of the world, of course, barring a few exceptions. So adding Spoken English as a virtue in your resume adds value and makes your candidature a preferred one. Moreover, a recent survey goes on to establish that employees proficient in speaking English are preferred over those who do not.

Many Indians don't speak English as their first language. However, it is a language that one should learn. Unfortunately, the language is only taught in English medium schools, so a large portion of the population has never had the chance to learn English. Several schools are now setting up language labs. They are making sure that all their students are not only exposed to but also that they learn English at the Digital Language lab.

Digital English Language Laboratory - Learn English Easily 

A Digital English Language lab is similar to a science lab in that they allow people to learn how to use the tools and equipment available for a real-world experience. However, these digital spaces allow the students to practice and learn the language. Language labs are equipped with multimedia PCs. Schools can install this Digital language lab easily on many computer systems.

How A Digital English Language Laboratory Can Aid Your Learning Process

It is accessible from anywhere on your mobile and is accessible to all because it is digital. It allows you to reach a wider audience.
It would be best if you practiced a language every day to learn it. The individual mobile app is of great help for practicing. In addition, this software enhances the learner's ability to listen, speak, read, and write.
It offers digital tools that are specifically tailored to English learners' needs.
The software allows the teacher to monitor student activities and guide them. Online tests can be attempted and reports generated by them.
The teachers have complete control over the course structure. You can organize, manage and create content as you wish.
For text and exercise, you can use the built-in voice recording function.
Batch Management allows a teacher to manage the batches efficiently.

What's English Language Lab Software?

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) regulates them, India's regulatory body for higher education institutions. AICTE supported the establishment of digital English language lab software's in educational institutions and schools. Students can attend the language labs as they serve as language tutorials. Students who lack confidence in English speaking will benefit from English language labs. Lab sessions include picture vocabulary, stories, conversations, questions & answers, as well as ex-temporary speaking, debates, and ex-temporary talking. This course also prepares students for competitive exams and personal interviews.

LSRW Activities For The Benefit of Students

LSRW can be expanded as Listen, Speak and Read as well as Read and Write. LSRW is the best method to learn languages. Students can use Advanced material in text, audio, and video formats to improve listening, reading, and writing skills. Writing is slower than speaking. It takes more time to formulate words and communicate, while speaking can take longer. People are afraid of making mistakes when they speak and feel embarrassed, making it difficult to speak. The digital language lab is the answer to this problem. The use of the headphone with mike gives confidence to the students to speak without any hesitation, as they know that the other students are using their headphones and cannot listen to their voice.

Moreover, it sequentially teaches you to improve your skills quicker and more accurately. The Language labs allow you to quickly and efficiently teach your students the preferred accents. In India, we prefer a neutral accent. It makes it easier to learn. You can review the lessons in text, audio, and animated and interesting videos.

Establishing A Digital English Language Lab

Before setting up a digital lab for language, there are several things to consider. To set up a digital lab, a school must meet hardware, software, and human resources requirements.

Hardware Requirements

Infrastructure and hardware are the most costly components for a digital language laboratory. The cost of the computer lab can be decreased by using existing labs for multiple purposes.


Talk Right Language Lab Software is compatible with the Windows system. Schools can set it up through LAN or N-computing in their computer labs. As the content is delivered digitally, technical support is essential. To ensure smooth and uninterrupted delivery, we provide all back-end technical support.

Human Resources

A teacher can make teaching and learning more effective. Language is a skill. The blended computer-based sessions with a teacher guidance approach would be the most effective.

Content Delivery 

Effective delivery of content is the responsibility of the teacher. Therefore, the teacher should access support material such as a trainer manual or other guidelines. In addition, the Talk Right English Language Lab operations are controlled by a trained teacher, like assigning lessons, conducting tests, checking pronunciations in recorded content, etc.

Why Not Include Language Labs For Schools? 

In 45 minutes, a teacher can teach a class of 40 students. However, students have little time to practice their speaking skills in one class. The teacher has to finish a lot of material in a short time and cannot meet every child's needs.

Language labs allow students to practice and speak simultaneously, regardless of class size. In addition, language labs allow students to focus on their individual needs. It is not possible in a classroom setting.LSRW integration will make learning English interactive and more fun for students. When it is Talk Right, the Teachers have to monitor the correct use of the course content, which is sequential, bilingual in English & Hindi, in animated video form. The students also have the option to select the level based on their abilities. They can start with the Talk Right Modules for Beginners or the Intermediate Level or go for the Advanced Level of learning. The students also get a mobile app on which they can practice at their time of convenience.

If you are a school looking to set up a Language Lab, fill out an inquiry form. We shall contact you.

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