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Language Lab Software For Schools

Why Language Lab Software For Schools

With English occupying the status of the global language of communication, every person of the next generation wants to become a confident speaker. Also, there is considerable pressure from the parents on the schools to ensure that their wards should be fluent in speaking in English. The schools, too, have understood the need to develop spoken English skills in their students. One can observe that every school is working on recruiting the best of the spoken English faculty and staying a step ahead of their competitor schools. To expedite the process, even the Education department in several states of India has suggested the alternative of setting up English language labs for schools.

Benefits of An English Language

English language labs make the learning process exciting and compelling. Language Lab software helps students to master the English language using this program and increases their knowledge and skills. Language Lab Software assists in learning listening, speaking, reading & writing skills. It also trains in the knack of learning communicative English Grammar rather than definitive. It assists in developing communication skills, improving language control, increasing confidence, and being ready to tackle challenges.

Selecting The Right Language Lab Program

The Language Lab software is an audio and video software created to teach any language. Before purchasing the language lab program, one must know the purpose of the program. Who are the intended users? What kind of study materials do you need that is most appropriate for the needs of your target audience? Is it user-friendly for the students? Does it facilitate & ease the teaching process? These are some of the assessments you must conduct before choosing the right software for language labs. These factors can aid in the better search for the best digital language lab software.

Why Talk Right? 

It would be best if you opted for Talk Right English Language lab software as a school. I say this because it meets all the prerequisites a school looks for before buying Language Lab software.

A. Features 

1) The software is user-friendly.

2) All content in a neutral accent

3) Animated conversational Videos lessons

4) Facilities to repeat, record & role play

5) Structured & defined content with subtitles in Hindi (Can be customized to any language)

6) Picture vocabulary with pronunciation checker

7) Classroom activities

8) Use of Headphones with mike

9) Individual student login

10) Mobile App for all students

B. Advantages 

1) Follows Listen, Speak, Read and Write (LSRW) methodology for teaching and learning.

2) 90% of the class time of each child is devoted to listening and speaking

3) Systematic and structured conversation practice about all aspects of life

4) Content suitable for Basic to Advance learners

5) Option to practice at home.

C. Benefits 

1) Equal learning opportunities for all students

2) Takes care of hesitation to speak

3) Role play promotes proficiency in Communicative language

4) Improves vocabulary and better use of idioms and phrases

5) The pronunciation checker ensures quality diction.

6) Individualized lesson plan

D. Advantages for Teacher 

1) Ready-to-use content eases teaching.

2) Structured & defined content is easy to assign.

3) Teachers can assign lessons as per individual students' needs.

4) Option to listen to recordings by students

5) Option for monitoring student's Progress

E. Advantages to Schools 

1) Schools can install the software through LAN or N computing systems.

2) Multiple students can learn one system by using individual IDs & passwords.

3) Onetime installation cost only.

4) Annual fee @ the number of systems in a lab.

5) No royalty is to be paid per student.

6) The Spoken English Program is structured & defined and easy to manage.

7) Expert Spoken English Language faculty not required

To set up a Talk Right Language Lab in your school, fill out the inquiry form. We shall contact you.

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