Language Lab History And Advantages

There are several names that refer to a Language Lab viz; digital language lab, multimedia language lab, language media center, multimedia learning center, etc.

Language labs are audio and audio-visual systems that promote learning a new language through listening and speaking. Old-school language labs required pre-installed hardware in classrooms. The process requires the teacher to occupy the central control unit from where the educational content would be fed through cassettes. The students would sit at booths with mikes from where they could listen and answer, with speed not being a restriction. A language lab allowed n number of students to speak simultaneously without distracting one another. A conventional classroom always has a limitation, in 40 minutes class of 20 students, one gets only 2 minutes of speaking time.

History of Language Lab: 

In the late 15th century with the development of technology and various audio-video equipment the concept was introduced into teaching. This allowed easier learning, as developing one’s subject knowledge in controlled conditions always yielded better results. ‘Laboratory’ or Lab the word is been used by language students as well. 

Amalgamating technology with teaching dates back to 1943 when BBC established a separate department for learning English. The program change several names starting with ‘English 43 by Radio’ to today being known as ‘BBC Learning English’. Development Language Lab in America historically could be broadly categorized into Pre & Post World War II. The Language Labs showed a parabolic behavior, with a huge drop by the end of 70"s. 

The resurrection period started in the 80"s and continues until today

Language Labs –Today

Language learning has its separate requirements like all other subjects. These four skills need to be mastered to become confident speakers in any language, i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The right sequence is again of great importance.

Language laboratories globally have off-late acquired a hi-tech status, all credit to the vastly improved equipment.  Each student commonly has an individual System (a desktop or a laptop) and as well as headphones with recording facilities in the booth. The contents have moved from mere audio to animated audio video and printed scripts in English subtitled in various languages to enhance the understanding by the students. This is seen to accelerate the learning process.

The Advantages: 

It’s been observed that a language is learned at a much faster pace in a Language Lab. This is achieved more due to the technical advantages that a Lab offers over a conventional classroom. The lesser the human involvement, the greater is the quality of content and obviously the results. The contents in a conventional classroom are more dependent on the ability of the Trainer and could vary with the change in the Instructor. The language labs have been able to overcome this one very serious issue thus assuring uniformity in teaching standards.

Talk Right - the language Lab, by Mastermind Tutorials Pvt. Ltd. In effect is one of the best Language Labs that you can bank upon.

Why Talk Right- The Language Lab is the best?

In Talk Right software the resources available and developed are based more on facilitating the spoken abilities than rules of any language, unlike the conventional classrooms. There are several innovative options to practice for unlimited times through several practical activities, listening to recorded speeches, Options to record their own voice and listen and identify the errors for self-corrections. Option to correct regional language effects has also now been incorporated in contents by giving pronunciation checkers in the software. Exclusive word and picture vocabulary is also a part of the Language Lab software, adding to the word bank of the learner.  The language Lab curriculum invariably follows the order Listen, Speak, Read and Write.  Talk Right Language lab software makes learning to speak a Language an easy and enjoyable journey. 

To make a concluding statement, if the success rate of a conventional class of Spoken English is 10 % and other Language Labs is 40 % that of Talk Right –the language lab is certainly going to be 80%.

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