What has Talk Right the Language Lab to offers for the end user?

Talk Right the Language Lab is software for language learning that can be installed in any existing computer Lab of a School, college, or a Private Computer Institute. The Talk Right the spoken English software is an audio-video, interactive software that offers learning material suitable to the individual needs of the user. It has three levels Beginners, Intermediate and Advance. 

Talk Right the Language Lab provides the Language learning software that can be installed on an individual’s system or a Lan version that can be installed on multiple systems in a lab with n number of computers. An after-sale service which includes installation of the software, training to the teachers, practice books for students (at a cost), an inbuilt ERP system for complete operational management ranging from registering a student, to managing revenue, conducting tests of students. The technical team of Talk Right Head Office offers any support needed 24 x7. Every issue to be resolved with 3 working days. 

The Concept

Talk Right the Language Lab is created on the simple concept of learning a language i.e. ‘the Mother tongue method of learning a language’. It is created on the concept of listen, understand and repeat (LUR). As seen a kid of 2 years can speak his / her mother Tongue without learning the rules of the language only by following the process of LUR, and since English is also a language so it too can be learned by anybody by following the method of LUR. 

What makes Talk Right the Language Lab different from the crowd?

Talk right Language Lab focuses on training the learner the English Language without stressing on the Grammar, rather the aim is to teach the English language as a skill to express with confidence. This is achieved by exposing the students to conversations in different situations suitable to the learners of all categories, be it of the beginners of advance. It is absolutely individualized and every student can run different lessons on their individual systems in the same Lab.

The Unique Features of Talk Right

Use of Headphones - The process involves learning from audio-video-interactive software with headphones. This has a great role to play in taking away the hesitation of the student. 

Pronunciation Checker - The exclusive Pronunciation Checker with a recording facility enables the students to overcome the mother tongue effect.

Listening - The listening section gives enough opportunity to listen to any conversation repeated number of times.

Test - The test segment helps to check and re-check the level of understanding.

Vocabulary - The vocabulary of the most commonly used words, their definition, meaning, and use strengthens the understanding of the language.

Idioms and Phrases - The segment of idioms and phrases with examples of the best use helps the student to add value to their language while speaking.

Grammar If one wants to study grammar to enhance their knowledge of the language, a complete segment is dedicated to this in an audio-video format. This makes learning and remembering Grammar easy.

The Practice book allows one to revise all that is learned in the Lab. The ‘Express Yourself’ section in the practice book allows the student to be able to speak in every kind of situation.

The Process

Talk Right the Language Lab focuses on making sure that anybody who can read English, but maybe having difficulty in understanding the language can start to learn to speak by training with Talk Right. 

This has been made possible by using subtitles in the native language for the English Audio. The video is animated and the conversations are done in English are also visible but in English. The subtitle helps in understanding.

This is followed by a test to check the level of understanding. 

The student then has to repeat the conversation as in the video.

A practice session where the student can replace a character of the video and go into conversation with the other character. 

The whole audio-video segment is repeated once again but this time without subtitles. This is with the objective to allow the student to listen understand but without support and then repeat. 

In effect every sentence in the software has to be repeated at least 4 times by the student.

Every lesson is followed by an animated story. These are stories that every student has learned in the early days of schooling. This helps in making the students learn about voice modulation, corrected diction, and pronunciation. 

The recording facility in the Talk Right the Language Lab allows the teacher to keep track of the quality output of every student. It also allows the student to listen to his / her own pronunciation and the correctness of the sentences spoken by them. 

Every student also gets a practice book the contents of each are the print of the conversation in the software. 

To conclude, Talk Right the Language lab has been designed to make learning to speak in English easy for the aspirants and implementable for the Schools, Colleges and Institutions without worrying about hiring Expert Faculty, planning a standardized course material or a teaching process. Everything here is well panned.

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